Sandar has a caracterisic red shirt with 2-two vertical black and 1-one vertical white post in the middle.

Sandar Idrettslag has no professional employees and the profits from our workforce are decided to go to further development of facilities and Vesterøya Idrettspark for the benefit of the community. Vesterøya Idrettspark consists of:

  • Sandarhallen, soccer hall, multipurpose hall / handball and wardrobe/clubhouse
  • 2 soccer fields with artificial gras
  • 1 smaller soccer field with natural gras
  • sports clubhouse (built 1980) of 1,200 m2
  • 2,1 km running slope with lights which is also part of the coastal path and a great hiking bed
  • 2 small ski jumping hill, K8 og K12, with artificial gras
  • parking area for 350-400 cars


Visiting address: Vesterøya Idrettspark, Husebygrenda 60, 3219 Sandefjord
Postal Address: PO Box 1518, 3206 Sandefjord
Email: post(at) .: 971 317 671 MVA